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Nobody understands momentum quite like The Crowning. After storming the scene in the Fall of 2017 with their debut EP, the Pennsylvania quartet has already begun to establish themselves as a regional powerhouse with their unique take on the altrock/grunge sound. In a very short period they have amassed over 45,000 plays on Soundcloud, opened up for several major national touring acts, received airplay from over 100 indie and college radio stations, and have been featured on the cover of The Aquarian Weekly.

Though the group has gained significant traction from the start, the story of The Crowning goes back more than a decade, and it's those formative years that serve as the nexus of their creativity.

“I began writing a lot of new material and started playing the open mic circuit in the hopes of finding people to collaborate with,” explained singer and guitarist Micah Martin, who had relocated to Pennsylvania after a decade-long performance hiatus. “I happened to stumble into a little bar off the beaten path and Walter was hosting an open mic, so I got up and played a few songs I had written. Ty and Ace both happened to be there that night and loved what they heard.”

As it turned out, Lee, Nordstrom, and Hendrix were longtime friends and had been in bands together since high school. “It was a natural fit from the start,” said Martin. "We joined up, rehearsed for a few weeks and headed straight into the studio."

They teamed up with producer Daniel Malsch (Forever The Sickest Kids, Three Legged Fox) to deliver their first EP in the Fall of 2017 and quickly followed it up with their second EP titled “Red” in early 2018. Often compared to bands like Foo Fighters and Tool, there is no doubt that in short-order they will be considered alongside so many of the other greats to have come out of Pennsylvania.

When asked about their motivations behind writing and performing Martin comments, “We want people to have a personal connection with our music. Writing and performing is an emotional and personal experience. When someone listens to one of our songs and they have an emotional response to it you know you’ve made that connection.”